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"Learn the basis on how to acquire a long lasting wealth "

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Dr. Adebola Olubanjo, The Wealth Coach and his wealthyU Team will work hand in hand to take participants and prospective members of the wealthyU group through the process of creating and managing wealth among others. It is a seminar that you wouldn’t want to miss because it will be an avenue to revolutionalize your financial destiny.

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The WEALTH COACH HIMSELF will take you through the process of preparing your personal wealth plan for financial freedom.
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  • “14 +1 Things You Need to Improve Your Success in Life” written by the Wealth Coach, Dr.Adebola Olubanjo

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  • “14 +1 Things You Need to Improve Your Success in Life” &
  • “How to Create Wealth and Avoid Poverty” written by the Wealth Coach, Dr.Adebola Olubanjo

With this books you will learn how to:

  • To motivate people to take steps to create wealth for themselves and their loved ones;
  • To rally people to avoid poverty;
  • To provide a tool for teaching people to begin to create and accumulate wealth;
  • To show people how to maintain wealth;
  • To show parents how to ensure that their children create wealth as well as maintain and multiply the wealth in their possession;
  • To motivate every person to do something to make him- or herself and all around the world live above the poverty level, regardless of age, environment, and country.

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